Overview & Advantages of Using Airless Pump Bottles for the Packaging of HBA Products

The airless pump bottles play important role in the preservation of sensitive cosmetic products, such as creams, serums or foundations, and various other formulas that are free of preservatives. The internal mechanism of these bottles prevents the material that remains inside the bottle from coming in contact with the air which increases the shelf-life of the products by 15%. The demand of airless bottles has increased in the cosmetic industry at an exponential rate due to this reason and it is considered to be the future of packaging for the HBC/HBA products.

Method of Working

The unique operating mechanism of the airless pump bottles has increased the efficacy of this type of packaging. The airless bottles are fitted with a piston which ensures that the customers receive every drop of the product. Hence, there is no wastage when using the airless bottles as dispenser. Each airless bottle has an air-intake valve at the bottom. A chamber plate is placed near the bottom of the bottle. The content of a bottle stays up to the level of this plate. The air-intake valve allows the air to fill the space beneath the plate and makes sure that the chamber plate moves upwards with the help of a steady flow of pressure. A vacuum is created when a user puts pressure at the top of the pump and the serum/lotion/cream gets inside the chamber of the dispenser in order to fill the void. Thus, it is possible to receive the last drop of any cosmetic product when using an airless pump bottle.

Benefits of Using Airless Pump Bottles

The longer shelf-life and zero wastage of the content are not the only benefits of using an airless bottle for packaging. The ease of use is another benefit of using this type of bottles. A consumer may hold this bottle in any position (vertically/horizontally) based upon his/her preference when pressing the pump to receive the content of the bottle. The airless pump bottles have also made it possible for the cosmetic manufacturers to use less or no chemical preservatives. Hence, the quality of the cosmetic products has increased and the risk of having skin problems due to reaction to chemical preservatives has also lowered.

The airless pump bottles do not contain dip-tubes (used in conventional dispensing pumps). These tubes are supposed to be cut in correct lengths in order to fit inside the bottle. This process required additional effort as well as manpower and it was a time-consuming process. The dip-tubes are no longer necessary due to the invention of the airless bottles.

The stylish look is another advantage of using an airless bottle for packaging. These bottles have two walls. The outer wall works as an additional protective layer for the content of the bottle. It may even be used for the advertisement whilst increasing the durability of the bottle.